UN Collaboration


Women's Board participates in UN-related fora open to civil society, both in Nigeria and in other countries. Its representatives in New York, Geneva and Vienna often attend conferences and events taking place in these locations. This includes:

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The Women’s Board has participated in various conferences, submitted written collaborations and presented papers on topics related to women, children and different aspects of development.

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Nigerian Youth Voices

Nigerian Youth Voices” is an initiative of Women’s Board to advance the presence of young women in the UN. The group is made out of undergraduates and young professionals (aged 18 – 35) wishing to make their voices heard in the UN international debate. The group circulates information on the UN (appointments, conferences, internships, call of papers, International Youth Day, Annual Youth Assembly, etc) among its members. They submit papers for particular conferences or sessions, participate in surveys or questionnaires and attend youth and gender-related events. They also carry out activities creating awareness on the UN agenda among young people.

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