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Areas of Activity

The main areas of activity are:

• Vocational Training in Catering and Hospitality Management
• Leadership training
• Professional development
• Education in the Rights of Women and Families
• Out-of-school programmes for teenagers
• Literacy, School support, Health education and services, grassroots skills in rural areas
• Food, Nutrition and Hygiene courses
• Training in micro-enterprises

Participants' Feedback

Do I like the course is an understatement – if it’s possible to say love – I loved the course. I would have liked to continue if there was opportunity.

I have a cleaning plan – some areas I never imagined could be cleaned have a time. All in all, all parts of the toilets get cleaned. Hidden corners are attended to.

My menu planning has helped me reduce the excessive worry on what to prepare. I have saved a lot of time. Before I used to call home from my work place to find out if the children have seen food to prepare and eat – that is no more now. Things are better organized. The same applies early in the morning when we are preparing for work and school … I spend less time.

It’s not easy to make a plan ...sometimes I don’t have one, but I am making the effort to keep at it”.

Participant Professional Home Management Programme (Wavecrest College of Hospitality Management)

In this programme I learnt what leadership “is” and “is not”. It is not position, privilege, popularity, title or money. Leadership is service. I have learnt leadership values and skills which are required to sustain positive relationships with people and to build businesses. Interpersonal human relations is a very important leadership tool I intend using especially when I start working in business organizations. I strongly believe that personal effectiveness (which comprises personal character and competence) will quicken my steps on the ladder of success. For the first time in my life I have drawn-up a lecture-study schedule for myself and after drawing it I noticed the massive number of hours I spend on time-wasters such as gisting, sleeping, playing, etc.

I got enlightened on “Feminomics” – the role women play as Managers and CEOs and how they impact positively in the growth of their organizations and how they are still able to manage their families. As a woman I can have it all – career, marriage, kids.


Participant Leadership Development Programme (Afara Leadership Centre, Lagos)

I registered for a Bakery and Confectionary course at Lantana College of Hospitality when I badly needed extra income for my family. I was amazed at the battery of recipes one was exposed to within a very short time. I could hardly wait to try them out. And such was the enthusiasm of all my course mates who were going to take the business of snacks-making full time.

I carried out trial sales for one week and the response was tremendous. Lantana has not only solved a financial problem for me but has given me the tools to make life more delightful in my home. No family celebration passes without my presenting a beautiful cake to everyone’s delight. I am earning an extra money from the convenience and comfort of my home. I am planning to take more courses in Hospitality Management the school offers so as to be better equipped when I retire in future.

Participant Bakery and Confectionary Course (Lantana College of Hospitality, Enugu)

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